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Lustrasilk Growth Therapy 7.5oz
Lustrasilk Growth Therapy 7.5ozLustrasilk Growth Therapy 7.5oz
Lustrasilk Growth Therapy 7.5oz
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Product Description
Lustrasilk Growth Therapy promotes healthy hair & scalp.Lustrasilk Growth Therapy with Tea Tree Cholesterol ; Itchy Scalp Formula
  • Blended with Tea Tree Cholesterol
  • Ideal for stimulating healthy growing hair.
  • Tea Tree oil will help relieve scalp itch on hair styled by locks, braids, cornrows and twists.
  • Lustrasilk Growth Therapy with Aloe Vera Cholesterol ; Moisture Repair Formula
  • Blended with Aloe Vera Cholesterol
  • A soothing creamy lite formula that adds incredible moisture to hair damaged by both thermal heat and relaxer burn.
  • Aloe Vera helps to assist healthy growing hair and heals from roots to ends.
  • Lustrasilk Growth Therapy with Shea Butter Cholesterol ; Repairs Chemically Treated Hair
  • Blended with Shea Butter Cholesterol
  • Repairs dry, damaged and brittle hair.
  • Shea Butter smoothes split ends and revitalizes inactive pores.
  • Stimulates long 'n strong growing hair.
  • Lustrasilk Growth Therapy with Herbal Cholesterol ; Repairs Extremely Damaged Hair
  • Blended with Herbal Cholesterol
  • A rich and creamy leave-in treatment enriched with natural herbal to help stimulate growing hair.
  • Contains carrot oil from healthy deep penetration on most severely damaged hair.
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