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Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 oz
Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 oz
Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 oz
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Product Description

Wild Growth Hair Oil is a proven, concentrated, natural, rich and silky hair and scalp oil and nail and skin conditioner that is effective for all ages (0-99+ years), both male and female.

Hair & Scalp:

The unique universal formula is made from a combination of natural oils, vitamins and minerals that are specially processed to work for every type of hair: from coarse and dry hair and scalp to all thinner types of hair. It is easy to use, not messy, and leaves no sticky build-up. Wild Growth is extremely effective even when used sparingly: resulting in maximum achievement of hair length and fullness; and greatly reduced expense, time, grooming effort, and discomfort; and reduction of puffy or fly-away hair. Concentrated all-purpose Wild Growth Hair Oil is available in 4 fluid ounce bottles.

1. Truly Natural
2. Promotes fuller and longer hair never before achieved.
3. Provides instant powerful and lasting conditioning without the use of any chemicals (harsh or mild).
4. Allows pain free combing of hair.
5. Instantly removes tangles.
6. Accelerates combing, brushing, blow-drying, pressing, braiding and styling times.
7. Imparts superior hair shine and glow.
8. Bestows clean and fresh hair styles lasting weeks longer.
9. Saves money: a little goes a long way; multi-purpose Wild Growth is the only product needed for many; It is an easy to use do-it-yourselfer reducing professional hair care expenses; extends the life of perms and all types of hair styles hair styles. When used regularly, one bottle of Wild Growth will last at least one month, and often much longer.
10. Reduces puffy and fly-away hair

Infinitely variable hair bending and straightening properties:Wild Growth alone will achieve different desired results when..

  • when used as a scalp oil many users report satisfactory to amazing growth results including new growth in bald or thin spots to the point of completely filling in, first time lengths (to shoulder, below shoulder, to bra length, below bra length and to waist length), and first time thickness.
  • when you apply Wild Growth on dry hair (ex. between washings) your curls and waves will be mostly preserved.
  • when you apply Wild Growth on damp towel-dry hair and comb or brush a few times till it becomes completely dry, then curly may turn to wavy and wavy may turn to straight. Coarser hair will not be affected.
  • when you blow dry (or press) your hair, it will become straight.
  • when you want to add curls that hold, then oil your hair, set it in curlers, then sit under the drier.
  • when your hair becomes oily, then use less (Wild growth need not be oily to work). For fine/soft hair, start with a little (5-15 drops) first, to know how much your hair needs.
  • In all of the above cases, your hair will become much more manageable.

Use instructions
Please note that regardless of whether you consider yourself African-Black, Caucasian-White, Spanish, Asian, Middle Eastern or other, the best way for you to use it should be decided by the qualities of your hair alone. For instance, if you consider your self non-African and have dry and tangly hair, then the appropriate method of using Wild Growth for you may be in the instructions for 'African Type Hair' ( finer hair will, in any case, use less product). If hair becomes too oily, use less or follow the instructions for non-African type hair.

Detailed instructions for African type (coarse, dry and tangly) hair

A quarter sized shallow pool (less for finer hair) of Wild Growth Hair Oil is squeezed from the bottle spout onto the palm of one hand >>>then is spread evenly between both hands>>>then is worked into one section of dry or towel dry hair (it is not necessary to apply Wild Growth only after washing the hair; it can be used on unwashed dry hair as well)>>>the previous steps are repeated until all sections of the hair are completed>>>the resulting softened, more manageable hair can be easily parted >>>now a small quantity of Wild Growth Hair Oil is squeezed from the spout to the scalp along every hair part (finger can be used to help spread the oil on the scalp by lightly rubbing along the part>>>now hair can be combed or brushed for natural style or; can be dried under the dryer (for even heat coverage), blow-dried or pressed for real straight or sophisticated curly styles. Oil braids by placing spout in the braid and squeezing a little oil. The same with dreads. Wild Growth Hair Oil can be re-applied when hair and scalp become dry to touch (average 1-3 times per week).

Detailed Instructions for Non-African type (fine, non-tangly, oily hair)

For Caucasion-type (fine, oily, and non-tangly hair), apply 5-25 drops and gently apply with finger tips to slightly damp (after washing) hair and scalp (if it is applied to dry hair that has not been washed, then hair may become oily too easily). Comb or brush several times (3-6 times evenly spread over the entire drying period of 10-20 minutes) till the hair dries. The immediate results will be less 'fly away' hair or more body and shine (not oiliness if the right amount is used).

Skin & Nails:

Wild Growth Hair Oil naturally provides a favorable nutritive environment for healthy skin and nail growth and conditioning by removing restrictions to normal appositional growth of both nails and skin as well as normalizing sluggish skin cell exfoliation in problem areas characterized by dryness and cracking. The result is uniform and maximized nail growth and uniformly healthy and vibrant skin tone.

Directions for hands and nails:
If you, after using it on your hair and scalp, spread a little on your hands and also over your cuticles (the tissue that overlaps the nail plate and rims the base of the nail) and nail plate (the exposed surface of the nail) you will notice how fast (approximately10 minutes) nearly complete penetration occurs. For efficient application apply some (15-20 drops) spread thoroughly after every time you use it on your hair and scalp.

Other skin areas:

Apply a small amount in the center of the intended area of coverage and spread to the perimeter until the oil has almost completely penetrated.

Nail improvements to expect:
1. flexibilty (vs.brittleness)
2. moisture protection
3. glow (after penetration)
4. growth

Skin improvements to expect:
1. Suppleness (vs. cracking)
2. emolience, moisture protection
3. glow (after penetration)
4. healing (do not apply on open wounds)
5. natural protective barrier against microbial penetration.

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